JURA - Giga 6

An exceptional coffee can only be prepared under optimal extraction conditions. Trendy specialities are the result of perfect ingredients. To guarantee the ultimate in coffee enjoyment, the new GIGA 6 offers three different coffee brewing processes.

It is also equipped with optimal technology for heating and frothing the milk, which produces trendy specialities using three different processes. A completely redesigned internal operation with the concentrated power of 2 heating systems and 2 pumps allows coffee and milk or milk foam to be prepared in parallel.

Coffee lovers can thus create mixed drinks such as café au lait, flat white or cortado. The new JURA showpiece even prepares two specialities at the same time. The milk and milk foam settings can be individually adjusted and programmed in 10 temperature levels.

With the GIGA 6, artificial intelligence makes its debut. The high-resolution 4.3" touchscreen colour display shows only the relevant information. An adaptive algorithm detects your tasting preferences and adjusts the home screen accordingly. So your 2, 5 or 8 favourite specialities are directly accessible.
Images and symbols are self-explanatory, well thought-out and reduced to the essentials. You can change the names of the specialities and choose to show or hide them.

JURA engineers have paid special attention to the new version of the drip tray. Dishwasher-safe, it can be removed, emptied and put back in place with just one hand.
The optimum positioning of its centre of gravity prevents overflows. Simple, clean, fast, comfortable - a five-star concept that impresses down to the last detail.

  • $7,995.00