SANREMO - Café Racer Naked Black/Steel (2 Group)

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Sometimes projects are born to reach a specific goal, other times to fulfill a dream, or yet again to pursue an ambition. This is the story of a coffee machine conceived incomplete, unrestricted freedom. Without haste, boundaries, or obligations, other than the drive to ensure perfect performance to all baristas in the world. It all started with a clear and spot-on vision: having the best of Sanremo technology in a light and sturdy chassis. Much like in a café racer motorbike.

With its unmistakable transparent sides, the Naked Café Racer allows you to see its powerful heart of pure stainless steel.

Reliability and thermal stability.

Two reasons why Café Racer has been, since 2018, the official machine of the Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits competition finals. The technology in this espresso machine stands out as the answer we wanted to give to countless baristas who were demanding a high-performance, reliable machine with character.

Pre-infusion made to measure

Easily navigate the grouped display. Every blend or single-origin coffee has different requirements. For a perfect and homogeneous extraction of coffee solubles, it is fundamental to be able to control the elements of pre-infusion. Pre-infusion is the first phase of espresso brewing. Its primary function is to saturate and prepare the coffee bed for optimal extraction. Pre-infusion also allows uniform delivery and aids in preventing channeling.

Through the display you can easily program each group for:

  • pre-infusion time
  • volume of water for extraction
  • temperature

For each group, you can save 4 different profiles, as well as the continuous dispensing function.


Energy Saving

Insulation and smart energy management to save up to 40%.


Uncompromising consistency in terms of the final product in the cup thanks to parameter accuracy. A perfect result from the first to the last coffee.

Dry Steam

Minimal water leak during liquid heating-up (less than 8% humidity in milk) thanks to a powerful and steady steam flow.

  • Heart of steel for maximum thermal stability
  • Smart-touch setting of the individual groups
  • Maximum thermal stability
  • Soft pre-infusion Flowactive System for precise control of the water flow and pre-infusion time
  • Innovative “All in one” system that allows storage of containers of different shapes and heights



  • colour : BLACK/STEEL
  • 2 steam taps
  • 1 water tap
  • 1 one-cup portafilter
  • 2 two-cup portafilters
  • DImensions (L x D x H) : 34.5'' x 23.62'' x 21'' / 87.7 x 60 x 53.4 cm
  • Voltage : 220V / 240 1N
  • Power input : 7.03 kW
  • Steam boiler capacity : 2.11 galons / 8 L 
  • Services boiler resistance power : 3.85 kW
  • External pump power : 0.165 kW
  • Preheating boiler capacity : 0.264 gallon / 1 L
  • Preheating boiler resistance power : 1 kW
  • Cup-heater power : 0.16 kW 
  • Units boiler capacity : 0.264 gallon / 1 L
  • Units boiler resistance power : 1.6 Kw
  • Weight : 214 lb / 97 kg


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