SANREMO - Opera 2.0 White (2 group)

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Opera is the result of a bold choice: the will to make something new and not alone for the first time. The involvement of many professionals worldwide allowed to lay the groundwork for a profitable collaboration like never before. Because of this, we managed to build from scratch a machine that is relevant for all end-users at all levels. Technicians, coffee roasters, baristas, and our unique team: the merge of different personalities and expertise gave rise to a machine that has revolutionized the coffee world.

Total control over all extraction parameters by means of a dedicated app, state-of-the-art technology, and a design that can bring out the best of every coffee shop. Since 2013, the first step towards a new way to build a relationship between baristas and their work.


Maximum accuracy in managing and controlling the 3 extraction phases


Insulation and smart energy management to save up to 40%


Ability to set and save different pressure curves during the various extraction phases.



  • colour : WHITE
  • 2 steam taps
  • 1 water tap
  • 1 one-cup portafilters
  • 2 two-cup portafilters
  • DImensions (L x D x H) : 29.3'' x 25.2'' x 17.3'' / 74.4 x 61 x 44 cm
  • Voltage : 220V / 240 1N
  • Power input : 7.7 kW
  • Steam boiler capacity : 2.11 galons / 8 L 
  • Services boiler resistance power : 3.5 kW
  • External pump power : 0.15 kW
  • Preheating boiler capacity : 0.74 gallon / 2.8 L
  • Preheating boiler resistance power : 0.15 kW
  • Cup-heater power : 0.2 kW 
  • Units boiler capacity : 0.264 gallon / 1 L
  • Units boiler resistance power : 1.6 Kw
  • Weight : 200 lb / 91 kg


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