GRINDER BARATZA Vario W+ 120V Coffee Grinder (Black)

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Enjoying a pro-quality cup of coffee at home begins with a perfect repeatable grind.



The Vario W+ offers the best of the best for multipurpose grinders. A variety of brew methods easily dialed in from your usual morning brew to your special once in a while treat. Easily shifting between grind settings makes these results simply repeatable. Available in its original finish or white, blending into your space has never been so easy.

The Vario W+ is an easy to use multipurpose grinder. With its macro and micro adjustor it’s simple to change the grind size for many different brew methods. To help you not waste beans, the Vario W+ comes equipped with 3 programmable grind weights and the Vario W+ will weigh out your grinds accurately to 0.5 grams. With specially designed burrs, this grinder will not produce as many fines with coarser brew method.

Key Features:

  • Multipurpose  
  • Stepped macro and micro adjustor  
  • 54mm flat stainless steel burrs

Our Assessment

Ease of use - easy.
Size - small.
Best used for - Midrange grind methods and coarser methods
Serviceability - excellent.

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