JURA - Giga W3

With the GIGA W3 Professional, state-of-the-art technology for perfect coffee comes to work. This top-of-the-range professional automatic coffee machine offers everything that customers, visitors and employees expect in a modern working environment: maximum power, comfortable, simple and intuitive operation and minimum refilling effort thanks to a large 5-litre water tank and a 1 kg bean container with a protective aroma lid.

With its clear and expressive design, noble materials and precise workmanship, the GIGA W3 fits perfectly into any environment and embodies good taste. The integrated rinsing and cleaning programs, triggered at the touch of a button, save maximum time during daily maintenance of the machine. No doubt you will be won over by the GIGA W3, which will quickly become your most popular employee during the coffee break.

A well-thought-out and intuitive operating concept with a ball-bearing mounted Rotary Switch and a TFT display leads straight to pleasure. 31 individually programmable coffee specialities and 12 prepared barista recipes can be selected directly. The standard display can be customised to suit the situation or the customer. The same applies to the designation of the individual specialities. A particularly interesting feature of GIGA technology is the electronically controlled air supply via a stepper motor gearbox for heating and frothing the milk.

A professional precision grinder equipped with special suspension discs made of wear-resistant technical ceramics guarantees a precise and consistently even grind over the years. The speed is impressive: the grinding time has been halved compared to previous models. The fineness of grind is electronically controlled.
  • $7,695.00