Coffee at the office: Relaxation tool and collaboration vector

You, business manager and/or procurement responsible, have certainly asked yourself if your investment in terms of coffee was profitable for the well being of your company. What does coffee bring to your employees and work colleagues? Basically, what does it do? That is a question that was recently asked by one our new clients in downtown Montreal. For a greater amount of savings, he suggested that his employees could simply purchase their own coffee at a local Tim Horton’s or Starbucks right down the street from their office… But a coffee solution for your business is way more than that. Not only are you allowing your employees to get to work quicker, without having to take a detour to purchase their coffee, but also allowing them to arrive earlier at the office. You will gain a lot from providing a quality coffee, in order to take care of your human capital. Here are a few answers:

The Coffee Ritual:

A cup of coffee is often the first thing we will go towards upon arrival at the office. It is often the first movement we will make before even opening our computer to start the day. According to a study lead by the survey institute “Online Opinions”, which was reiterated by French newspapers “le Figaro” and “l'Express”, four out of ten employees prepare or consume at least two hot beverages each day. We could ask ourselves what the exact number would be for Canada, more precisely Quebec with the cold winters, which characterizes our beautiful province. Yours to judge!

Consommation café - Entreprise

At the heart of corporate life:

According to the previous study we just discussed, 84% of surveyed employees judged that coffee breaks are «important» even «essential» during a day at work. During your break, often accompanied with colleagues, you discuss company matters. These discussions can be focused on good practices to adopt or encountered problems, within and without the company. Briefly, these interactions promote collaboration, productivity, as well as creativity and the relationship of your workforce of course. As you can understand, this instance of relaxation and discussion between employees creates an important tool that is suitable for management. The coffee break can be used to ease tensions, maintain team spirit, but most importantly as a sense of belonging.

Relaxation, collaboration, creativity, conflict management, etc. My dear managers and procurement officials, all of this is possible thanks to coffee. Managing human capital goes through these small and simple details. Do not neglect this aspect in your business. Your employees will be available and open to discuss any aspect of the company anywhere in the office… But only if it’s good coffee!


About Café Liégeois :
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