Your coffee addiction? It’s genetic!

We all have a different reaction towards coffee. Love, rejection, disgust… The tolerance for caffeine changes from one individual to another. Although, globally we could say everyone likes it! A study recently published in 2014 demonstrates that our reaction to coffee wouldn’t be a question of taste, but rather genetic. Let’s go a little more in detail in this surprising study.

Programmed to drink coffee:

Certain individuals can allow themselves to consume “industrial” quantities of coffee (nod to my colleagues) without impacting their behavior and their sleep. For others, the consumption has to be very limited and the decaffeinated coffee is required not to be touched by any caffeinated substance. The results of a study published in the medical magazine called “Molecular Psychiatry” demonstrated that everything plays itself within your genes. The researchers conducted a large study on close to 120 000 coffee consumers to dissect consumption patterns, as well as the habits of the people surveyed.

Scientist conducted a pushed analysis on DNA sample of the participants and compared it to the number of cups consumed. Rather easy to say, although complex to execute. However, they were able to find that there was indeed a connection between specific genes and caffeine needs.

According to Marylin Cornelis, a doctor from Harvard University, «among the identified genes, 2 are linked to the caffeine metabolism, 2 to the psychoactive effects, and the last 2 belong to the lipid and glucose metabolism». As confirmed by the scientist:

«The genes identified as influencing the coffee consumption, could only be the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, the 6 genes explain about 1,3% of our behavior related to coffee, and there could be numerous other genes implicated in the metabolism and the palatability for caffeine».

Addicted to artichokes or coffee?

Artichauts - Café Liégeois

A few years back, a similar study lead to demonstrate our addiction towards other products. For now, it is proved that there is an attraction towards white wine, blue cheese, orange jus, dark chocolate, bacon, broccolis and artichokes. Therefore, certain family members also have the need to consume a high amount of these different products, based on their genetic profile.

And you, what foods do you desire the most?

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