Orders received between Monday and Friday before 11AM will be shipped within the next 24 to 48 hours.

    Orders before 11AM (EST Time) Shipping of your Café Liégeois
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      • The shipping delay applied to coffee orders outside of Quebec is of five (5) to seven (7) business days for all orders placed before 11AM.
      • The shipping delay applied to machine/accessories orders outside of Quebec is of seven (7) to ten (10) business days for all orders placed before 11AM.
      • Café Liégeois reserves the right to refuse to ship an order or to require an advanced payment to a client in case of an unpaid bill towards Dodd & Papillon Inc. | Café Liégeois Canada Inc.


      Product Returns (coffee, teas, milk, syrups)

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      • Order modifications or cancellations are impossible. Why? The packaging and delivery are done by an independent distribution center.
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      • Should you receive your coffee in bad condition that is unfit for consumption, you can return the products within 10 days after the date in which the order was received.
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      • A coffee credit from the damaged order will be attributed, as well as a promotional code of 15% for your next order.


      Return policy for coffee machines and grinders

      You have 14 days to return your unused coffee machine in its original box with all parts. If the box has been opened and the machine has been used and/or you no longer have the original box, you will be refunded only 75% of the purchase amount. Return shipping costs are not covered by Café Liégeois.


      Shipping costs and product billing:  

      In the province of Quebec, there is no sales tax on coffee.   
      Standard shipping costs apply(depending on your order)


      No shipping fees:

      • For all orders over 75$


      Payment Methods:

      Accepted credit cards

       Additional Questions?

      Your orders and all distribution requests can be addressed to the following e-mail:



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      Number and Customer Demand

      (514) 437-1162


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      Administrative Office

      4284 Rue de la Roche #501

      Montréal, Québec, H2J 3H9