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Grind, dose, and tamp with the push of a button.

The La Marzocco Swift Mini combines the quality and features of a commercial espresso grinder with the convenience of an at-home filter grinder, making espresso and coffee prep fast & easy.

New features include: An automatic grind, dose and tamp mechanism, stepped grind and dose adjustments, and a swing arm for single-dose espresso and filter coffee grinding.

Activated with the push of a button, the Swift Mini’s Grind, Dose, Tamp mechanism utilizes a conical burr set, portafilter holder, and an automatic tamper for a clean & seamless grinding experience. La Marzocco’s proprietary 32mm conical steel burr set allows for fast grinding—18g in 6 seconds. The grinder’s consistent dosing mechanism uses the same portafilter holder bayonet rings as La Marzocco machines, allowing the user to dose coffee directly into the portafilter, and adding an additional measure of cleanliness, while also enabling the Swift Mini’s automatic tamping mechanism. This patented system ensures the ground coffee is tamped correctly and consistently each time.


Dimensions (H x W x D) : 47 x 15,24 x 31,75 cm / 18.5 x 6.5 x 12.5 in
Weight : 13.6 kg / 30 lbs
Hopper : 8 oz. (0.5 lbs)
Burr Type : Conical (32mm)
Voltage : 110V Single Phase
Wattage : 450W
Grind Speed (rpm) : 650
Time to Grind 18g : 6 sec

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