Café Liégeois new partners of Courses Gourmandes

We are happy to announce one of our newly signed partners Courses Gourmandes events for the 2016 summer season!

Café Liégeois will therefore be present for a series of 5 events from St Paul d’Abbostford, going through Chambly and even Laval.

What is Courses Gourmandes?

Courses Gourmandes constitutes the largest foot race circuit in Quebec. Over 21 events have emerged in less than 3 years. Close to 45 000 runners have had the opportunity to travel the roads of Quebec to discover local producers and the little corners of paradise within the Province. The participants are from all around Quebec, other Canadian provinces as well, but also from the US and Europe.

Many of the Courses Gourmandes events can be found within the « Top 25 » most popular in Quebec; Érables Marathon, n°1 in Montérégie, The Microbreweries Half-Marathon is the 3rd most popular race in Estrie and the Half-Marathon in Bois de Belle-Rivière is also the 3rd in the Laurentians.

A first participation in St Paul d’Abbostford

For its first participation in the Courses Gourmandes, Café Liégeois will be going to St Paul d’Abbostford, in a bucolic setting of the Mont Yamaska vineyards. Organized in collaboration with the Craftsman Association and the Craftsman and Tourism Association of Mont Yamaska and the municipality of Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Café Liégeois will accompany McDonald’s Restaurants, Oatbox and even Desjardins Granby Haute-Yamaska for a unique experience for its participants.

Demi-Marathon des Vignobles Mont Yamaska


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