Café Liégeois proud actor in the Quebec Summer Games of Montréal 2016

At two weeks from the start of the 51st Quebec Summer Games Finals of Montréal (July 17-25 2016), we are pleased to announce our participation in this major event during the month of July. The Café Liégeois products will be available to savour and purchase during the week of competition, and a sponsorship worth 5500$ will be offered to the teams of the Quebec Summer Games.

A major presence for Café Liégeois

The Café Liégeois team will be present at two distinct locations, one at Esplanade Sun Life at the Olympic Stadium and the other at the Claude-Robillard sports complex. The 2016 edition will be the first final of the Quebec Summer Games, which will have a location management rather than a centralized location comparable to the same model as the Pan Am Games and Olympic Games. Over 135 000 people are expected throughout all the sites. The spectators will have the chance to discover espressos, americanos and iced coffees during the weeklong competition.

5500$ sponsorship for the volunteer teams

On top of offering our products to the spectators, Café Liégeois is particularly proud to sponsor the volunteer teams of the Quebec Summer Games. The multi-sport event will bring together over 3000 volunteers, 3700 athletes from 19 regions around Québec alongside 400 officials governing 20 sports. All of the volunteers will benefit from our products during each of their early morning wakeups.

The future of Quebec sports in Montréal

The Quebec Summer Games final is the peak of sporting achievements for Quebec youth. It regroups the best minor athletes from all regions of Québec. The Finals take place in the winter every uneven year and every even year for the summer. The competition has directly touched over 3 million people since the creation of the games in 1970, throughout the Province. It’s a crucial step in the path of an athlete towards the summit of his or her sport. This also allows the youth of Quebec to stay active and motivate them, presenting the sport as a healthy lifestyle, synonym of pleasure!

Olympic Stadium - Montréal

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We’re awaiting you in great numbers to discover the Café Liégeois surprises and to experience our unique coffee stations.

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