Blog - How to recycle Cafe Liégeois capsules ?

Capsule machines are growing in the Quebec market with the Nespresso, at the top of the charts in terms of price-quality ratio. Indeed, at home or in the office, we like to consume coffee for its flavor and its known benefits among which to maintain a state of enlightenment and be more productive. The capsules offers a good quality espresso in a short time. There are many ways to be greener and Café Liégeois explains how to simply contribute to a healthier planet !




Recycle the Cafe Liégeois capsules Café Liégeois yourself

Some quick actions to recycle the Cafe Liégeois capsules :

  1. Simply remove the aluminum foil from the capsule (the one which allows the coffee to drain it)
  2. Then, remove all the coffee grounds with a spoon. This coffee can be reused in an original way as we showed you in our article.
  3. Finally, clean the capsule and place it in the recyclable container. That’s it !

And about Bio-compostable

Launched at the end of October 2017 by Café Liégeois, we offer a range of 100% bio-compost and Nespresso®-compatible capsules in our selection. After use, these capsules should be simply put in your compost bin to see them turn into natural fertilizer.

Making the quality of a good organic coffee accessible while having eco-friendly packaging is part of our mission.

Because at home or in the office, alone or in a group, composting is an eco-responsible gesture of every citizen and a habit to adopt in your daily life.

Café Liégeois explains you everything about bio-composting in our blog. 

Small important information: 5 grams are the perfect dose to avoid wasting coffee.

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