Shall We Go for a Coffee Break?

We all know that coffee breaks are an important ritual in the workplace. They are often taken with colleagues (or alone) first thing in the morning, after lunch or even in the middle of the afternoon.

Granted, the quality of the coffee plays an important role, but there are various reasons why you should take a coffee break with your coworkers and superiors. According to a study conducted by Ifop, coffee breaks between coworkers can provide benefits for sustaining productivity and personal well being in the workplace, in addition to promoting creativity and reinforcing social bonds between fellow employees.

Upper and middle management can also benefit from having their employees take coffee breaks. Indeed, they can be used as a tool to decrease tensions, reduce and resolve conflicts, promote team spirit, and increase the number of interactions between employees.

Across various countries and cultures, coffee breaks have become an important element in an employee’s daily routine. Oftentimes, it is during a coffee break when we exchange our ideas and tips among coworkers.

Here are some more interesting findings from the study:

  • 92% of participants believe that coffee breaks relive them from their professional obligations
  • 81% of participants believe that having coffee in the office optimises their physical and intellectual capacities
  • 70% of employees perceive coffee breaks as a method to remain motivated in their work

Despite the numerous studies confirming the benefits of taking coffee breaks, this popular 5-minute break is not always perceived in the same light by management. Employers are less and less enthused by their employees taking coffee breaks as it can represent a loss of time, an important cost to the company, and a decrease in employee productivity.

Café Liégeois Encourages Coffee Breaks

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