The History of Iced Coffee

Did you know that the Greeks invented iced coffee? And according to the legend, the creation of this refreshing coffee drink was a complete accident.

In 1957, a representative from Nestlé Switzerland was travelling to Greece to present the launch of one of their new products: an instant coffee with chocolate for children. To prepare this drink, one needed to simply mix the instant powder with hot water and milk in a shaker.

During his break, the Nestlé employee decided to prepare an instant coffee for himself. When he realized that there was no hot water to make his coffee, he decided to use cold water instead. He poured the instant coffee, sugar and cold water in a shaker and prepared the first-ever cafe frappe. From there, the brand was launched by Nestlé and was quickly successful in Greece and the Island of Crete.


The Modern Cafe Frappe Recipe

There are a variety of ways to prepare iced coffee, but the classic recipe contains a cup of filtered coffee, milk and sugar. Everything is then mixed together in a shaker with a handful of ice cubes and served in a tall glass.

What About Cold Brew?

Cold Brew has been brewing in Quebec for quite some time. Unlike iced coffee, cold brew is prepared by infusing the coffee with cold water. Due to this technique, the final product is very bitter, with strong flavour notes but a lower level of acidity.

Since the heat is taken out of the recipe, cold brew needs to rest for up to 24 hours before it can be enjoyed! But on the bright side, this coffee can be stored for up to three months. That’s just enough time to drink it a handful of ways: straight out of the fridge, on ice, with milk, flavoured syrup, sugar…there’s a recipe for everyone.




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