Stay “Branchés” like Café Liégeois

As soon as you walk into one of four branches of Branchés Lunetterie (Eyewear) in Montréal, Saint Hubert, Québec and Saint-Jérôme, you immediately discover an unprecedented concept in optics. This concept was recently experienced by one of our members of the Café Liégeois team who was looking for a new pair of glasses. Since then, a beautiful caffeinated meeting was born.

The art of eyewear available to all

Branchés Lunetterie are to begin with, artistic stores that are out of the ordinary, proposing a free stylistic and beautician service. Its also the result of a reflection conducted by Anne-Marie Faniel and Patrick Bolduc, founders of Branchés Lunetterie who wish to make their art accessible to everyone in terms of glasses. Their products are addressed to individuals who are seeking to identify themselves through eyewear by daring and pushing their limits. Eyewear by designers and creators made with recyclable materials are proposed at outstanding prices, from 100-500$ below the market.

Les Branchés Lunetteries

The art of a good coffee

It was during a winter evening in which one of our associates discovered this concept and opened the doors to the store in Saint Jérôme. Captivated by the artistic side of the place and the quality of products, we wanted to offer our coffee to the stores and the clientele of Branchés Lunetterie. After a nice meeting with Marie-Claire Borrel (Executive Director) and managers of the boutique, we put in place a solid partnership to serve all the clients in store.

For more information, follow the actuality of Branchés Lunetterie on Facebook, or even on the website of the eyewear store.

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