Robotic Festival with Café Liégeois

What a show! For the first time, Café Liégeois was the partner for the Robotic Festival in Montreal, conjointly organized by Robotic First Quebec and Youth Fusion. Student perseverance and the learning process are at the heart of this event where more than 5 000 youth between 6 and 18 years of age faced each other during various robotic challenges, controlled by their devices which were made by these students.

Festival Robotique Montreal

Reunited at the Uniprix Stadium in Montreal, the competitions brought together schools from Quebec, Ontario, Mexico and France.

Numerous private players (Bombardier, BMO), public (Ville de Montréal, Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon, etc.) and institutional (ETS, University of Sherbrooke, etc.) favoured the well being of the events by actively participating in the formation for the technological (future) generation in Quebec and in North America.

Café Liégeois to treat all the partners of the event :

Café Liégeois was located at the lounge level near other partners of the event, reunited around Gabriel Bran Lopez (President & Founder of Youth Fusion) and Jacques Ménard (President of BMO Financial Group and member of board of directors at Robotic FIRST Quebec). We were proud to be able to support this event by the sides of youth from primary and secondary schools in Quebec.

For it’s second participation at the Robotic Festival, it’s the team PLS 5618 from the La Samara high school that won in Montreal. Therefore, they will take place in the world competition from April 27th to 30th 2016, in Saint-Louis, USA.

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