Café Liégeois: 2 years of flavors, already !

Time goes by fast, very fast !

It has now been two years since the first Café Liégeois boxes arrived and entered grocery stores around Québec. This goal was achieved thanks to our faithful business partners (on the picture below).

Café Liégeois - 2ans !

Two years and around 50.000 boxes later, you can still find Café Liégeois in a hundred of grocery locations. Each week, new offices are joining the Café Liégeois community. Every day, partnerships are being built and business ties are continuously getting stronger.

Café Liégeois will always go the extra mile to serve you. Whether you are in Québec, Ontario or elsewhere, we maintain our core values: simplicity, reactivity and quality.

We will continue to grow with you and for you. Our team thanks you for your support !

L'Équipe Café Liégeois

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