The madness of creativity (and of coffee) in a church from the 19th century

After at least a century, the church of St-Joseph (built in 1861) has served as a gathering point for the surrounding local community. People reunite themselves throughout numerous hours during the week to share common values, whatever their socio-economic situation, sex or age may be. Today, the Salon 1861 gives back these acclaimed letters in an emblematic neighbourhood. A place to connect, create, exchange and collaborate with great Café Liégeois coffee!

Salon 1861

The rebirth of a church with Salon 1861

Under the leadership of Gestion Immobilière Quo Vadis, this magnificent building gathers today entrepreneurs, business leaders, cultural groups, community organizations and local residents. Working side by side in a co-working space, they all share the entrepreneur madness and the desire of building a sustainable society, inclusive, productive and happy!

Salon 1861 in the era of time: B-Corp Labeling.

With respect to these values, the Salon 1861 and Quo Vadis real estate management are part of the first businesses in Québec to be awarded with the B-Corp Label. The certification can be compared with the fair trade market for coffee or even the organic USDA certification for milk. It guaranties good business practices through the government, employee relationship, community relationships or even the impact on the environment. By following these precepts, the Salon 1861 perpetuates sustainable development values, respect towards humans and the environment.

Café Liégeois, the heart of this community movement

These values are also shared through the members of Café Liégeois Canada. We are pleased to have offered a magnificent machine to the residents of the Salon 1861 who will have the opportunity to taste our coffee beans. In all of these sheltered events hosted by Salon 1861, for example in the new Lab Innovation, you will find the small Café Liégeois touch. Through our coffee, we are eager to be part of this little bit of history by the sides of Quo Vadis’ real estate management team.


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