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Craving a specialty coffee with or without caffeine? Need a bold dark roast for an espresso or a gentle blend for a lungo? The JURA J8 twin, featuring two precision grinders, is the answer. Essentially combining two machines in one, it eliminates the need to choose and offers unmatched versatility.

With the capability to use two different bean varieties, whether pure or blended, it crafts perfect, uniquely flavored coffees with just a touch of a button – always freshly ground, never from capsules. The J8 twin can even top off your drink with a delicate sweet milk foam, introducing a new dimension to your coffee experience. These exceptional features are made possible by advanced technologies such as the P.A.G.3+ grinder and the Sweet Foam function, brought to you by cutting-edge Swiss engineering.



The J8 twin democratizes the world of coffee. Capable of processing two different varieties of coffee, it offers a multitude of options to suit all tastes. Do you drink classic coffee during the day, but decaffeinated coffee in the evening? Do you like to blend different roasts to prepare your coffee specialties? Whatever your preference, the J8 twin is the perfect choice. Thanks to its ingenious design, the J8 twin integrates two high-performance P.A.G.3+ grinders in a compact unit. In addition to precise grinding of consistent quality, they also feature aroma control, which actively monitors the fineness of grind. The grinders can be placed in a resting position between preparations, optimizing their lifespan while ensuring a consistently perfect taste.


The J8 twin prepares 31 specialties with perfect mastery. The two grinders offer maximum customization flexibility. Each specialty is exactly to your taste, prepared with your favorite coffee, mild or full-bodied, with or without caffeine, and always freshly ground. In short, the J8 twin combines the strengths of two coffee machines in one compact unit. And this queen of versatility has many more talents to offer. If you wish, it can enhance milk foam with a subtly sweet flavour, opening up new tasting dimensions. From a pure espresso to a trendy sweet latte, its range of preparations leaves nothing to be desired.


The Panorama Coffee Panel provides intuitive access to all J8 twin functions. Its operating philosophy is clear and logical. Easy Mode sliders offer maximum flexibility for adapting specialities to your favorite cups. Assistance systems make the machine easy to use. Aroma control ensures the right fineness of grind. The Coffee Eye, an intelligent cup sensor, helps to place the cup under the correct spout according to the specialty chosen. Of course, cleaning and maintenance are also performed at the touch of a button.


The two high-performance shredders blend harmoniously into the machine's elegant, compact design. With its clean lines, high-quality materials and exceptional finish, the J8 twin exudes mastery and expertise. The love of detail is evident in every element, from the fineness of grind setting to the height-adjustable coffee spout and the grinder lids. Form and function merge into a perfect whole, with the Panorama Coffee Panel at its heart. Combined with discreet accents, the choice of colors ideally highlights the lines of this exceptional coffee machine.


Design and Materials

2-component facade technology: Yes

Amber/White cup illumination: Yes - Stylish presentation of the finished coffee

Operating and Programming Standards

Compatible with J.O.E.®: Yes - The JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.®), your JURA app, brings all the functions of the automatic machines to your smartphone

Display: 6.7” touchscreen colour display

Store, copy and personalise products: Yes

Programmable and individually adjustable amount of water: Yes

Programmable and individually adjustable coffee strength: 10 levels

Programmable amount of milk/milk foam: Yes

Programmable brewing temperature: 3 levels

Programmable temperature of hot water: 3 levels - Perfect for the tea of your choice

Coffee Specialities

Products: 1 Espresso, 2 x Espressos, 1 Coffee, 2 x Coffees, 1 Americano, 1 Lungo, 1 Espresso doppio, 1 Cortado, 1 Sweet Cortado, 1 Espresso Macchiato, 1 Sweet Espresso Macchiato, 1 Caffè latte, 1 Sweet Caffè latte, 1 Caffè latte Extra Shot, 1 Cappuccino, 1 Cappuccino Extra Shot, 1 Sweet Cappuccino, 1 Flat White, 1 Flat White Extra Shot, 1 Sweet Flat White, 1 Latte Macchiato, 1 Latte Macchiato Extra Shot, 1 Sweet Latte Macchiato, Sweet Latte, Sweet Latte Extra Shot, Milk Foam Portion, Sweet Milk Portion, Milk Portion, Sweet Milk Portion, Hot water, Hot water for green tea


Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.©): Yes - The optimum extraction time guarantees the perfect espresso of outstanding barista quality

One-Touch Lungo function: Yes - For long black coffee specialties that are particularly gentle on the stomach - full-bodied and light, without any unpleasant bitter or sour aftertaste

One-Touch function: Yes - Classics and trend specialties are easily prepared at the touch of a button

Variable brewing unit: 5-16g - Ideal brewing conditions and the perfect pressure, no matter what amount of ground coffee is used

Grinder: 2 x P.A.G.3+

High-performance pump: 15 bar

Thermoblock heating system: 1 - For short heating-up times and water that is freshly heated every time

Fluid systems: 1

Milk system/interchangeable milk spout: HP3/CX3

Powder chute for ground coffee: Yes

Aroma preservation cover: Yes

Energy Standards

Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©): Yes

Zero-Energy Switch or power switch: Yes - Disconnects the machine from the power supply and avoids using energy on standby

Programmable switch-off time: Yes

In Figures

Adjustable coffee spout height/width: 65 - 111 mm

Adjustable Cappuccino spout height: 107 - 153 mm

Adjustable hot water spout height: 65 – 111 mm

Water tank capacity: 1.9 L

Bean container capacity: 280 g

Coffee grounds container (max. portions): 16

Cable length (approx.): 1.1 m

Voltage: 120 V

Current: 10 A

Standby power consumption: 0 watts

Weight: 10 kg / 22.04 lb

Energy consumption: 59.6 kWh/annum / A

Width: 31.8 cm / 11 in

Height: 34.8 cm / 13.4 in

Depth: 44.6 cm / 17.3 in

Hygiene Standards

Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.): Yes - For automatic filter detection

Filter cartridge: CLARIS Smart +

One-Touch milk system cleaning (automatic): Yes

Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme: Yes

Monitored drip tray: Yes

JURA hygiene: TÜV-certified

Specific Advantages

Sweet Foam function: Yes

Intelligent preheating: Yes - For hot coffee from the first cup

3D brewing technology: Yes - The water flows evenly through the ground coffee at multiple levels in order to extract the maximum aroma

Active bean monitoring: Yes - To make sure there are always enough coffee beans available (so the grinder does not run empty)

JURA Cockpit with maintenance status display: Yes - Shows the cleaning, descaling and filter status and the number of products dispensed

Wi-Fi connection to home network: Yes - The appropriate transmitter must either be supplied as standard or ordered separately

Transmitter supplied as standard: Wi-Fi Connect

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