Latte Art Factory (LAF)

Style: Latte Art Factory (LAF) Bar Pro
Sale price$11,000.00 CAD

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The Latte Art Factory Pro is a game-changer for the café industry. Designed to meet the demands of high-volume establishments, this machine is a powerhouse of efficiency and artistry. With its patented technology, the LAF Pro promises to transform every cup of coffee into a masterpiece, offering unparalleled consistency across a wide range of milk types and temperatures.

But the LAF Pro goes beyond just frothing milk. It's a game-changer that improves workflows and speeds up preparation, allowing you to sell more drinks and reduce staffing costs. The machine also contributes to sustainability by cutting milk wastage by up to 25%, making it an eco-friendly choice for your café.

The LAF Pro is a marvel of modern technology. Its full telemetry feature provides remote access for fast service and updates, ensuring that your machine is always operating at its best. The built-in modem and refrigerator add another layer of convenience, making it a fully integrated solution for your café.

Expand your beverage menu with both hot and cold milk foam recipes, thanks to the machine's advanced capabilities. And with a fully customizable menu of over 120 high-margin recipes, you can easily develop new drinks to delight your customers.

Cleaning is a breeze with the LAF Pro. The daily automated cleaning cycle requires just one minute of manual labour, ensuring that your machine is always ready for action.

Even untrained baristas can prepare high-quality foamed drinks every time, thanks to the machine's advanced technology. With the LAF Pro, you're not just serving coffee; you're serving art.

Learn more about the LAF Pro at the Latte Art Factory website


Product feature

Artistry in Every Cup

The LAF Pro uses patented technology to create milk foam that's not just consistent but artistic. Elevate your café's reputation with every cup served.

Product feature

Smart Technology

With full telemetry and remote access, the LAF Pro is the most intelligent milk frother on the market. Get fast service and updates right at your fingertips.

Product feature

Versatility in Beverage Options

Expand your menu with over 120 high-margin recipes for both hot and cold milk foam. The LAF Pro gives you the freedom to be creative.

Product feature

Effortless Maintenance

A daily automated cleaning cycle that requires just one minute of manual labor ensures your machine is always ready for action.



Weight25.8 kg

Height51.5 cm

Width23 cm

Depth57 cm

PowerMax: 3600 W, Avg: 2250 W

Water Supply> 0.25 MPa and < 0.8 MPa

Water DrainageAvailable

Patented Technology : Yes

Milk TypesCompatible with all types, including dairy and plant-based

Temperature Range4° C - 75° C

SustainabilityReduces milk wastage by up to 25%

Full TelemetryAvailable for remote access and updates

Daily Cleaning CycleAutomated

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