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Rocket Espresso’s pitcher lets you make an unbeatable microfoam every time so you can create stunning latte art.


According to our research, latte art (the art of using foamed milk to create designs on a coffee’s crema) first appeared in either Italy or the United States. What we know for certain is that the artform exploded in popularity thanks to David Schomer, owner of Schomer Espresso Vivace in Seattle. He is responsible for creating the Rosetta, one of the most popular latte art designs. Today, techniques are improving, latte art competitions are popping up around the world and the equipment is getting better and better.

Fittingly, the Rocket pitcher was designed to help baristas make the best designs possible. The body of the pitcher is designed to let the milk swirl around when it is heated by the steam wand—important for developing a great texture. The pouring spout is also the perfect shape for creating detailed latte art designs.


1. Fill the pitcher with cold milk, about one third of the pitcher's capacity.

2. Purge the steam wand.

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