Courses Gourmandes and Café Liégeois: a delicious partnership!

This past June 5th the Mont Yamaska vineyard half-marathon took place, an event by Courses Gourmandes. Various distances could be traveled by the contestants of all ages: 1km, 5km, 10km, 15km, 21km and 30km. Café Liégeois was there to spoil the runners and others present with americanos, espressos and delicious iced coffee. As we announced in our first post in June, we will also be present during all other 4 events organized by Courses Gourmandes.

Breathtaking scenery

In order to get to Mont Yamaska and be present for the start of the races, we had to leave Montréal at 4:30 in the morning. To our delight, we were able to contemplate the magnificent pink sky and see the sunrise. A variety of vineyards and beautiful mountains decorated the road from left to right. This enchanting landscape was truly appreciated by all the participants of the numerous races, despite the rain and slightly frisky temperature.

Team Café Liégeois

Great start for the younger and older one’s

All the people who came to run at the Mont Yamaska this past Sunday impressed us. This event was able to bring together people from across Québec, all united by their passion for running. Despite their young age, numerous kids ran the « 1km » or even the « 5km » accompanied by their parents. We were touched by the stories from everyone who came to cool off at our booth. A mother and daughter of 8 years old were running their fifth « 5km » together and were very proud of it. A diabetic grandfather and his granddaughter also did the 5km together. Great stories that go beyond a sporting performance.

Our favourite story however, was incontestably the 30km runner who finished the race last, under pouring rain! Despite the track difficulty, she didn’t abandon and reached the goal she set. Numerous volunteers and participants that were still there ran the last meters behind her to motivate and encourage her. Enough to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Americano coffee made by Café Liégeois

A lot of participants came by to give us a visit after their race to savour our coffee and catch their breath. Despite the fact that it wasn’t too warm, numerous people let themselves try our refreshing iced coffee, composed of our coffee, milk, liquid cane syrup, ice and a lot of love.

P'tit Café?

We’re looking forward to meeting more passionate runners and new coffee amateurs. We expect to see more runners at our next meeting this July 15th, in Chambly for the Half-Marathon of Bande du Canal.


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