Café Liégeois and its meeting with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium

Belgian master roaster since 1955, Café Liégeois Canada took home this past November the 1st place prize for Belgium-Quebec business ties, having demonstrated an excellent performance this past year respectively in Belgium and/or in Québec. It’s after such an honour that during this month of March, Café Liégeois is happy to have met the King Philippe and the Queen Mathilde of Belgium this month in Ottawa and Montréal. The last official travel by a Belgian official took place 41 years ago, in 1977 by the King Baudouin.

This week began March 12th in Ottawa. Our two associates, Jean-Nicholas Papillon and Camille Dodd had the honour to be invited at the Gala Dinner in Rideau Hall. This event was the occasion to exchange with the King and Queen and to be able to meet with different guests.

March 15th in Montréal, inside the Mont-Royal Chalet, part of our team took place in the Royal cocktail. They were delighted during this evening as sharing and conviviality were the rendez-vous.

To end this royal week, a cheerful concert in honour of their Majesties took place at the Rialto Theater in Montréal. This last event was able to reinforce and celebrate once again the ties between both countries.

Café Liégeois Canada is very proud and honoured to have been able to participate in the historic visit of their Majesties in our country, symbolizing the Canadian-Belgian friendship.



Ishblel Burns

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