Café Liégeois and its cleaning technique

We don’t always think about it, but to make a good coffee, it is very important to clean the machine by getting rid of built up limestone incrusted inside the tubing of your coffee machine. For that, nothing too complicated as Café Liégeois Canada explains what to do.

Before starting, simply gather two ingredients: white vinegar and fresh water. You’ll also need a bowl as well as a fine strainer.
A few steps will be enough to clean your coffee machine:

  • Empty the water from your machines reservoir and fill half of it with vinegar.
  • Then fill the rest of the reservoir with water
  • Place the bowl under the flow of coffee
  • To eliminate the water and vinegar present in your machine, pour many coffees without putting a capsule in.
  • If necessary, you can filter the water with some help from the strainer. Do not hesitate to repeat this many times until the water is very clear.
  • Finally, rinse your machine a few times with only water in the machine before putting a capsule in.

Thanks to our tips, you can now eliminate any sediment deposits that have
accumulated within your coffee machine throughout time. If you want a good coffee, it is important to clean your machine regularly using our simple cleaning technique.

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