Taking care of your Nespresso® machine?

Whether it be at the office or at home, your beautiful Nespresso®* machine deserves a bit of love and attention. Discover the simple things that you can perform that will allow you to conserve the exceptional flavours of Café Liégeois.

Nespresso® machine - Café Liégeois

Maintenance of your machine:

When you purchase a Nespresso® machine, you will observe that the machine comes with a removable plastic tank at the rear. During your first use, it is essential to clean this tank with water and dish soap before you make your first cup with it.

Following the clean, it is possible that a light plastic taste be present (rare but always possible!). If it is the case, we recommend using a treatment of water mixed with lemon juice to eliminate any remaining taste. That simple! The citric acid contained within the lemon juice makes an excellent and natural cleaning mix. Afterwards, you can perform a coffee without an actual capsule (if possible) until the tank of your Nespresso® machine is empty.

Monthly and yearly maintenance:

Your coffee machine needs a monthly cleaning as well. It is important to regularly wash your tank with dish soap. A simple rinsing afterwards allows it to conserve the natural flavour of the coffee.

Every year, it is also recommended of descaling with specialized products. For our corporate clients, our team makes sure to take care of the annual maintenance of the Nespresso® machines.

With all these tips, you have no excuse to regularly do a bit of maintenance on your coffee machine and conserve the good taste of your Café Liégeois!

Café Liégeois and Nespresso machine

*Café Liégeois Canada and its products have no affiliation with Nespresso®

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