Don’t Forget Your Cup of Joe This Morning!

At Café Liégeois, the day does not officially start before a first cup of coffee, whether it is an espresso, allonge, filtered, latte or iced. As we imagined, we are not the only ones: 86% of coffee drinkers consume their first cup as soon as they wake up. Contrary to some beliefs, the habit of drinking coffee in the morning contains many benefits to start your day on the right foot!

  • Concentration and Memory

Coffee can be the perfect remedy for a bad night’s sleep as it stimulates the central nervous system. It can help you wake up faster, sharpen your concentration and improve your memory, hence increasing your productivity during the first hour of the workday.

  • Digestion 

Coffee can also offer various benefits for your digestive system. It improves digestion by stimulating the gastric sugars that are responsible for breaking down food. Plus, an American study recently discovered that one cup of coffee per day can decrease the risk of developing liver cirrhosis by 20%! Indeed, coffee has not failed to impress us yet.

  • Antioxidants

It is well known that teas, fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant properties, but many do not know that coffee also contains excellent antioxidants. If you are used to drinking our Discret naturally-decaffeinated coffee, you might not have known that it contains Chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that works with your metabolism to allow the body to mobilize fat, thus regulating insulin secretion.

So, when you prepare your Café Liégeois coffee tomorrow morning, whether it be a strong Magnifico espresso or a Mano Mano filtered coffee, take the time to enjoy it a little extra, it’ll do you some good! However, avoid drinking more than 3 cups per day and don’t forget to eat your breakfast, a coffee alone won’t provide you with all the energy you need for the morning.


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