Startup Canada Tour : Café Liégeois announced at Toronto !

Following the visit of Startup Canada in Montréal, we have obtained very good feedback concerning our Café Liégeois products, as well as our service provided during this event.

Café Liégeois alongside Ontario entrepreneurs:

Links were forged with the team of Victoria Lennox (co-founder and CEO of Startup Canada) who invited Café Liégeois to participate at their event in Toronto this upcoming December 14th. As multiple speakers will be present, they will put forward the work of startups and entrepreneurs making Canada successful.

Café Liégeois will therefore be the coffee partner for this event with our Nespresso® compatible capsules. During the day, we will constantly be in contact with the 700 guests of the event that will have the chance to discover our products in preview for the Ontario market.

The beginning of the 2016-year will indeed mark the launch of our coffee in the retail market in the region of Toronto. Our entire range of products will consequently be available in stores, in addition to being available online for the region of Ontario.

Startup Canada Tour - Toronto

About Café Liégeois :
Café Liégeois offers a wide range of Nespresso® compatibles capsules to customers keen on European products. Our premium coffees are currently being sold at the best possible value and the lowest price. Café Liégeois also offers services for offices in the entire Québec province.
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