7 random things to know about coffee!

What do you know about coffee generally? Are you an expert or a simple consumer every morning? Be at the cutting edge of coffee with 7 things to know about it:

  1. Coffee is the first foodstuff exchanged in the world;

  2. There are two coffee categories in the world: the Robusta (20% of the market) and the Arabica (80% of the market);

  3. An American study, published in 2014, has shown that consuming coffee could decrease the risk of tinnitus;

  4. To enjoy a perfect espresso, your coffee cup must be in the shape of an eggshell. This will allow the crema to maintain its perfect structure!

  5. A full cup of espresso contains only 2 calories! As much as a tic tac!

  6. The two cats with the longest life record (34 & 38 years old) both drank two cups of coffee a day!

  7. Coffee likes cold temperatures and can be preserved in the freezer.

7 random things to know about coffee - Café Liégeois

About Café Liégeois :
Café Liégeois offers a wide range of Nespresso® compatibles capsules to customers keen on European products. Our premium coffees are currently being sold at the best possible value and the lowest price. Café Liégeois also offers services for offices in the entire Québec province.
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