The gourmet alliance between Café Liégeois and Brunchs de Mathieu

You’ve always dreamed of having your favourite Café Liégeois cup brought to your front door? It is now possible with Brunchs de Mathieu ! Café Liégeois is the new coffee partner of this young company who is in full growth and whom will continue to surprise you.

Les Brunchs de Mathieu

Photo Credit : YULorama

Personalized brunch boxes :

The Brunchs de Mathieu is a concept made for brunch deliveries at home or at the office. It’s the result of an assembly of good products crafted by a French chef (Mathieu, obviously!) who’s just arrived in Montréal. Between sweet and salty, everything is possible with Mathieu. For a few months now he has been working very hard with his delivery men in order to serve the four corners of Montréal. Recently, he has also increased his presence in business events, such as this past 6@8 by Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal reuniting over 200 people.

All boxes are available for 18.00$, with the possibility of adding small extras, such as a delicious Café Liégeois poured directly in your cup by the delivery man. You also have assortments options, whether it be sweet or salty; madeleine’s, salty tarts, pastries, crêpes, sausages, waffles, etc. The small treat that impressed us was the Kinder Bueno tiramisu. A true delight!

Tiramisu - Les Brunchs de Mathieu

The combination of good products :

All products are prepared by hand by the chef, apart from the pastries that are from « Croissant Croissant » a pastry shop in Plateau-Mont-Royal, as well as the smoothies created by Elixir Smoothies, also a young Montréal company. Since the beginning of January, Café Liégeois has partnered with Brunchs de Mathieu in order to offer a quality coffee to accompany the different boxes. The future ahead is bright with this new partnership that will also see daylight within the event sector in the next few months.

To follow the latest news concerning Mathieu and his company, visit his Facebook page here:

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