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  • Latte Art: A Masterpiece In Your Coffee

    Latte art is the method of creating drawings or patterns on the surface of a coffee. This aesthetically pleasing and edible art was developed by baristas and is becoming very popular among coffee lovers. With a little practice and imagination, the technique can be mastered in a few steps. Step 1... View Post
  • Don’t Forget Your Cup of Joe This Morning!

    At Café Liégeois, the day does not officially start before a first cup of coffee, whether it is an espresso, allonge, filtered, latte or iced. As we imagined, we are not the only ones: 86% of coffee drinkers consume their first cup as soon as they wake up. Contrary to some beliefs, the habit of d... View Post
  • Make Way for the Smurf Latte, the Bluest Coffee on the Market

    It is about time that coffee has updated its look! The new trend this summer is a vegan coffee from Melbourne, Australia called the Smurf Latte. The recipe made up of coffee, lemon, ginger, agave, coconut milk and blue algae (also known as E3), a natural food colourer found in the sea and large l... View Post