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  • MTL + ECOMMERCE New Year Kick-Off : Des surprises gourmandes !

    Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer notre participation à la première édition de l'année des rendez-vous bien connus de MTL + ECOMMERCE. Des surprises gourmandes (Cook it) et caféinées (Café Liégeois) sont prévues pour l'évènement du 20 janvier, aux bureaux de la compagnie Lightspeed POS.  Ce meetup ... View Post
  • New in 2016: The Sublime Moka Intense for an explosion of strength !

    In one word: Sublime. Doted with a generous body for gentle, prolonged and intense flavors from Guatemala. A Sublime coffee from Guatemala : Between mountain and tropical forest, sun and rain, Guatemala is suitable for coffee cultivation. According to the regions, the grains reveal their fruit fr... View Post
  • Café Liégeois partners of Cannes Lions 2016 land in Montréal

    After going through the rain and a protest in the heart of Montreal, we were able to attend the event organized by APCM Network, the Cannes Lions land in Montréal. Café Liégeois with the media : The cream of the media sector in Quebec was reunited the Centre Phi to discuss and exchange with diffe... View Post