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  • From Belgium to the heart of your cup: The path of Café Liégeois Coffees

    An exceptional coffee: Café Liégeois processes around 3.000 tones of coffee per year in Belgium. Stored in it’s factories, the beans from the four corners of the world are roasted and packaged for commercialization. The difficulty here is to obtain the most constant taste as the beans often ... View Post
  • Café Liégeois Client Portrait – QI Montréal

    Through our publications, we also wish to put forward the faithful clients of Café Liégeois that we work with throughout the year. The Café Liégeois Client: QI Montréal The Innovation District of Montreal (QI) is part of that clientele that we enjoy serving on a monthly basis, in their offices, n... View Post
  • Halte 24-7 & Café Liégeois Partnership

    Have you discovered those small bags at your private offices, or at your personal workspace? If that isn’t the case, it’s because you aren’t a member of Halte 24-7 and that you haven’t had the opportunity to discover our new partnership "Alarm Clock" with this wonderful company! Conscious of it’s... View Post