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  • The 2017 ecology point: The Café Liégeois Canada Advances

    Recyclable? Biodegradable? Compostable? It is truly fantastic to be able to have all these options available, allowing us to reduce our daily consumption impact on the environment :) Nevertheless, it’s easy to be a bit lost with all these different solutions. The terminology used isn’t always ver... View Post
  • By the way, what are ESE Pods?

    These are the newcomers of the Café Liégeois family. We’ve been telling you about it for the past few weeks, on our social media or during meetings in various events. However, did you really know what we were talking about? Less known than grains and capsules, these famous ESE Pods indeed already... View Post
  • Feedback on the Hop show of CQCD in Montreal

    Hop ! The summit of retail business has just been completed for this new year full of debates, discussions, and meetings with the key actors of the industry. During these two days at the show, speakers went one after the other and debated on the future of the sector and major keys, such as the cl... View Post