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  • Update on the Networking fashion show with Café Liégeois

    As we announced last week, female entrepreneurship and businesswomen in Quebec were reunited last Thursday for the Networking fashion show organized by We were one of the service partners during this event, which was professionally led by the team of and our friend Arielle Beau... View Post
  • Second Edition of the Networking Show by

    When we thing of networking, we imagine a 5-7, business lunches or even all types of conferences. Leave that idea behind, just for one night, the duration of a show. Thinking of networking differently: The Networking Show organized by, is simply another way of experiencing networking. Th... View Post
  • event : Work balance / personal life and caffeine surprises

    This Thursday February 25th, we’ll be assisting the “L'équilibre travail - vie personnelle : Faites-en votre affaire ! ” organized by For those that are unaware of this, is the entrepreneurial platform for women. Regularly, highlighting events (conference-breakfast or networkin... View Post