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  • Coffee: a tool promoting discussion and well-being

    You greet your customer and offer them a coffee. A gesture that has become commonplace but that still holds so much importance. What is the impact, whether on the ground, from the salesperson to the customer, or in-house between work colleagues? Café Liegeois is unveiling the secret of and benefi... View Post
  • The Biggest Coffee Drinkers in History

    It is no surprise that at Café Liégeois we are full-out coffee addicts. All we do is think about coffee, talk about coffee, make coffee and, of course, drink coffee. For me, I have a Tradition black coffee and two Magnifico espressos to get the day going. And when I need a pick-me-up after lunch,... View Post
  • An Authentic Coffee In The Heart of Central America

    An Authentic Coffee In The Heart of Central America In Central America, Honduras is at the center of cultivating a high quality coffee known for its intense and rich aromas. Thanks to the country's dry and wet seasons, Honduras has become an optimal destination for coffee producers. At Café Liég... View Post